Monday, January 25, 2010


Now that the holiday season is over I need a break.  Having to make a lot of jewelry for the gallery's christmas season caused a little burn out.  So I needed to find something fresh and different to do.  Normally I am a total improv artist.  I don't usually do anything structured.  So for something different, I started working on a scientific experiment.  I am testing the crackling process of paint on polymer clay.  It sort of got out of hand.  To date I have tested nine different types of acrylics.  It is amazing how different the crackle characteristics are for each product.  I plan to turn this experimentation into a tutorial/reference guide for the process.  However, now I need a break from that too.

Almost three years ago I was photographed for an HGTV program called That's Clever making a plant stake out of polymer clay, glass, and copper.  Well they are finally in season 5 and my episode (532) should be shown in the next couple of months.  They are airing episode 526 at the end of February.  My episode isn't listed on HGTV's website yet.

So to give myself something different to do, again, I started making mini plant stakes (more like everlasting flowers).  I am using jewelry components, copper and sometimes polymer clay.  It has been fun.  Each one is unique.  They look good placed in a pot with a small plant, or in a small vase.  They are for sale in my garden Etsy shop

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