Sunday, December 4, 2011

Other Artists' Work Created Using My Jacobs Ladder Variations Tutorial

I love seeing what other artists create using the same techniques as I use.  These wonderful pieces were created by people using my "Jan's Jacobs Ladder Variations" Tutorial.  Like I always say - Artists don't work in a vacuum. We are always getting ideas from others, then putting our own spin on them.

Created by Dr Mary Kertzman, Indiana

Fimomaus, Goppingen Germany
Jan Geissen´s Ladderman Variationen

Ich verbinde gerne Tutorials von Clay-K√ľnstlern die ich bewundere. Hier habe ich die Blume von Iris Mishly mit der Laddercane von Jan Geisen gemixt.

I like to connect tutorials from clay artists that I admire. Here I have the flower of the Iris Mishly mixed with the Laddercane by Jan Geisen.

Check out her other work on Flickr for inspiration.  She has experimented with a lot of different techniques.

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