Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I finally got a chance to start playing with my new set of Special Effects Palette Knives.  (See photo of the tool set from my January 5, 2012 post for a photo).  Here are photos of what I did using two of the knives.  I used multiple colors of gilder's paste to patina the surfaces.

I like the cross hatching pattern (on the left). It made a nice background for my blue and copper scraps.  I am making it into a collage pendant.  The piece on the right is okay.  I think it is telling me that it wants to be cut apart and only use the right side.

  The straight impression of the palette knife (on the left) is really ugly.  Maybe it will become a usable scrap some day.  Right now I just want to throw it out.  I really like the other pattern (middle photo) that I got by making multiple impressions at right angles to each other.  It makes a nice area of interest, in contrast to the flat area, on what will become a pendant. 

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CapturedByLori said...

Love how you document your experimentation.
Jana - you and I have a lot in common. I found you by seeing images of lots of polymer work, and almost every single piece of art I liked was yours.
Awesome stuff!