Sunday, December 21, 2008

Artistic Collaboration

Many years ago I made a pendant that I liked a lot and strung it into a necklace I wasn't really happy with. Fancy bead stringing isn't my strength! That necklace was for sale at a Christmas sale at my fellow polymer clay artist's home. She bought the necklace for herself and restrung it. She has always been very good at stringing! That was my first collaboration.
I always liked the idea of collaborative art. Until recently this necklace was the only one. Not long ago a jewelry artist (Beadazzled of Oregon), who does really nice assymetrical beaded necklaces, bought a few of my pins to incorporate into her jewelry. She just emailed me photos of the finished necklace. See more of her work for sale at:

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bead Style Magazine's e-newsletter featured one of my necklaces.

Bead Style Magazine's November 2008 e-newsletter featured one of my necklaces. That was a very pleasant surprise for me. Check it out using the link listed here.
Here is a photo of that part of the newsletter.